Monday, January 11, 2010

Pregnancy as a fashion statement?

pictures courtesy of google search

As I was scanning the television one lonely night I passed Lifetime network. Just then a commercial for a new show was on air. The show is about these teenage friends that aspire a pact to become pregnant together: The Pregnancy Pact. My reaction as a young mother myself was of total shock! The show is yet to air, and I will watch it attentively to further inform myself about why young girls would want to make such a decision. Apparently it is based on a true story.

I must say this and a comment from one of my friends got me thinking. Do young girls sometimes think it "cool" or "fashionable" to be pregnant? Or is it "in style" to be a young mother? I am not saying that teenage pregnancy is a bad thing. Some teenage mothers do miracles and achieve so much, as another friend of mine can surely show. I do not know or would I ever be able to comprehend under what circumstance a young girl fell pregnant and why she found herself in the situation of having to face motherhood at a young age.

It is common here, in Aruba, to find young mothers, for whatever reason. Some mothers have a good relationship with the father of their child, others find someone else later in life and still others face motherhood alone. These are facts not fiction. And it is not hidden in our culture. Each teenager knows someone how is pregnant or had a baby. And the hardship that each young mother goes through with trying to raise a child and finish school and probably working part time. And yet still girls are careless, not excluding the guys here.

What is it that drives them not to use protection and be more careful? Don't they understand the consequence of having kids? You are no longer able to go out to that late party you wanted if you don't have a babysitter. You can't pay for a babysitter if you have no money. Don't take me wrong; having children is a blessing and should not be taken lightly. But unfortunately young people fall pregnant and mom and dad are the ones who step in to help with baby.

But again I question: is this why teenage pregnancy is taken lightly, because mom and dad help out? Is this fashionable or an epidemic? Not to mention that sex education is everywhere! Or is it part of the problem?