Friday, January 8, 2010

Family values

We study. We work. We have hobbies.
We as individuals want to achieve all we can "for the sake of our kids". But do we?

The regular working day is 8 hours, with 5 days a week and if your lucky 2 days off. We work because we have bills to pay and things we need to buy. We work because we must. It is almost unlikely that a family would be able to survive if there is only one "bread winner". So it is common to find both parents are working parents. Pursuing each his/her own career.

Most of the population works shifts. They work nights and unstable hours. They send the kids off to school only to try and sleep for the next shift. This means that these parents depend on cooperation in raring their children. They would need a helping hand in carrying/picking the kids to/from school, helping with home work and more. How and who could help in these situations? Some families live far from each other that help from grandparents is not an option. These parents must depend and trust on help from child care givers. Or good understanding friends.

At one point or another we put our jobs first. We break promises with our kids for the benefit of our boss. We do this with the notion that "my kids will forgive me", never wanting nor willing to disappoint our boss. We at one point or another belittle the value of our family for the sake of our job.

Jobs come and go. Family will forever be. You can always find another job with co-workers and bosses and responsibilities. But where can you find a group of people who love you even when they are mad at you? Where can you find a group of people who don't mind sharing the last piece of their favorite dessert with you? Where can you find a group of people who love and support you no matter what? Try finding a job with these qualities. I bet they would all be working from home or just plain stay at home jobs.

Family values are more than just what you think of each other. Or which parenting style you have. It is the daily decisions that affect each aspect of each family members life. Next time your boss asks you to work late or weekends tell him next time. Spend time and enjoy your family, these are the times you can never get back.

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