Friday, January 22, 2010

Breastfeeding demonstration (mother support group)

In pregnancy you may or may not give breastfeeding a serious thought. After all it is "natural" to breastfeed, right? This would mean that you may just lightly pass over any information available on how to breastfeed. And even if you are going to breastfeed exclusively there still is a piece missing. The books describe the latch on very accurately. But the illustrations are small and lack depth.

And this is what I did. I read all the books and any information on the internet I could get my hands on. So after my baby was born and I was ready to give her her first meal I did it "text book".
It was uncomfortable!
You see I am of petite stature with a large bust and short arms. The description of the perfect posture for correct latch was not working for me. And I knew that as long as it was hurting that the latch was not good.

So I did what my baby and body was telling me; I improvised the positions. And it was wonderful! The experience that I was missing out on, and what a lot of moms are also, is mimicking behavior. Seeing and learning from experienced moms.

At our monthly mothers support group when I was asked to demonstrate a correct latch on I was happy to demonstrate. Again seeing is learning. So I latched my 5 month old to my breast and he gladly demonstrated a correct latch on. Thanks to one of the board members who politely explained to all the moms who were in attendance. She let them get a once in a life time close up view of a baby nursing. They were inspired, as should be. To see a baby up close happily nursing from his mothers breast.

Don't restrict breastfeeding to the house, bedroom, car, etc. Breastfeed proudly in public and teach the new generation of mothers how it's done! Give them the opportunity to learn. Latch that precious baby to your breast and let him teach correct latch on.

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