Thursday, January 28, 2010

Babies expense

Babies are a joy. They are gifts given to  us. We cherish them and raise them with love.

Babies are also big business. There is a lot of "stuff" out there that is just so cute and gives us the baby feeling. We start to see the big picture and how the nursery would look. Start imagining all the little baby things laying around the house. Soon all that baby stuff needs a house of it's own.

And this is how companies want for us to feel. They want to make you feel that you really need every baby gadget that is out there. The crib, stroller, bouncy chair, swing, play mat, play yard and more.

But if you co-sleep you can scratch the crib off the list (unless you want to have the crib in your room). Get a good baby sling or wrap and there goes the need to have the stroller, bouncy chair, swing, etc. Use cloth diapers and cut the cost of disposable diapers too.

My mother told me when I was pregnant with my first child: Babies are expensive. Well I automatically told her they are as expensive as you make them to be. She also asked me how I was going to get everything that a baby needs. I asked her what do babies need. They need love and nourishment and from this they will thrive. To nourish my baby I breastfed her.

Now my mother never breastfed me or my sister. My family has issues with breastfeeding. I am on my third child and still they don't understand the long term benefit. I openly encourage mothers not to be afraid to breastfeed in public. Now I am not comfortable to breastfeed in my own home. I retreat each meal time to the privacy of my bedroom. At my in-laws I am more open and breastfeed anywhere in the home. This is the difference of support.

Regardless of the criticism we co-sleep, sling our baby and breastfeed full term. These "Attachment Parenting" and "Peaceful Parenting" choices we make also end up showing us that those hip and new baby items that most moms express a passion of want for is not necessary for us and our baby and children to be happy. They would have been an extra expense and extra junk just lying around the house not being used.

Babies don't need these things to entertain them for them to be happy, for them to thrive. They don't know that these things are designed for them. Babies are born to recognize faces, your face. They look forward to your interaction with them and your warmth.

Give your baby the best you can. This doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot or have a lot to give the best.
Your baby will love you regardless of all the extra "stuff". You are the best stimulation or toy you could ever give your baby.

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