Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Insipre me

When my first child was born it was easy. Easy in the sense that I just carried her every where, she was always with me in my arms. I used my arms and just carried her. And then I had the "fashionable" Baby Bjorn carrier and used it a lot. That is until she hit the 15 pound mark. That's when the shoulder and back pain started. It was unbearable. I am already large chested and had the added weight of milk. And then a heavy baby strapped to my body, I was in very much pain.

I did what I thought was good for my baby and breastfed on demand and co-slept due to necessity. As she grew and started to walk I still sometimes would carry her around. She was quit a chubby baby and weighed about 25 pounds at one year. I then found out that I was expecting our second child. I decided to do the same as with my daughter.

When my son was born I still carried my daughter around from time to time. And had my son at all times in my arms with me. I told myself this is why I have two arms: one for each. He was much lighter than she ever was so I was able to carry him with less pain. I didn't use the Baby Bjorn carrier this time though, I gave it gladly to a friend.

So we had two kids growing healthy and happy. We were just fine with where our life was. Then I started feeling sick. Feeling like I was getting food poisoning. It was just after the Christmas season and for some reason I thought I had bad Christmas turkey or something. My husband just casually suggested one day that I should take a pregnancy test. Did not see the need but agreed to do it anyway. Imagine my shock when it came out positive!

So there I was, test in hand, panicking. The first thing I thought was what will happen when I go shopping or something like that. I only have two hands. How am I going to be able to hold my baby and hold my kids hands to cross the street safely? They are still babies in my eyes, after all they are only 6 and 4 years old. I still need to hold them. Where and how am I going to get an extra hand?

So I searched the internet. I had no concept of how much baby carriers there was out there. I just knew that I would never use the Baby Bjorn ever again.

Then when my third child (second son) was about six weeks old we had the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge '09. And it was here I got my inspiration! I was amazed. I met this girl and she used this pretty print fabric and slung her 1+ year old daughter on her hip and was using both hands to organize things! I remember seeing this style baby sling on the internet but didn't feel that it was safe. Well I saw and I believed. I was inspired! And she wasn't the only mom there with one. I then took a good look around and saw more moms using the sling.

I had the opportunity to talk to her and ask her about this sling. She helped me and allowed me to try at different occasions different style slings. She had a pouch sling and a Maya ring sling. I love it! And more important my baby loves it! And I could have him close "in my arms" and still take care of my first two. The need and want to be able to have him with me and still have my hands free for my childrens needs was all the motivation that led me to become a "baby wearing mama".

written by:
Angilea Angela-Geerman

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  1. Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that was beautiful Angie! I'm blushing that you included me :)