Monday, November 30, 2009

As a newly wed couple we had to adjust to being on a budget. Finances were not always easy. I had given up my job as an assistant nurse and my husband who was a prison guard was working 16 hour shifts and most off days. He did this just for me. Just so that I could stay home and take care of my pregnant self.

Truthfully sometimes it was quiet a challenge. I was facing pregnancy and childbirth virtually alone. So I had a conversation one morning with my husband and we agreed to give breast feeding a try. Little did we know then.

I was inspired to breast feed after a family member had her baby and had breast fed exclusively. I was already about six months pregnant and didn't bother to "research" about the benefits of breast milk, I did in contrary research about latching on and breast engorgement. I was very selective about what I would read.

So when our daughter was born we devoted to breast feeding because of the almost non-existing costs. And thankfully our little girl took to the breast like a pro!

It was till much later when she was almost two months old was when I had attended my first mother support group. It was here that I started to understand how important breast feeding really is to an infant/toddler. I then realized that I would breast feed until she was ready to leave it behind.

And so I got pregnant again just after her first birthday. She breast fed all through out my pregnancy and up until her baby brother was six months old. It was wonderful. I would never have imagined that I would make the decision to breast feed.

I used to even make muffins and pancakes with my milk just to avoid using cow's milk. I decided that they would have breast milk as long as I was producing it. After my son weaned himself just after his first birthday my doctor, with good intentions, offered me a pill to "dry up my milk". I declined. I knew that nature would take care of itself. So I still had breast milk when my son turned three.

I then found out that I was pregnant, yet again. We were not planning for more children but knew that we would breast feed. I always say "we" because along the way my husband has become a breast feeding enthusiast along with me. So here we are to the present.

Our baby is now three months old. And it is now that scientists are finding out why the saying "the breast is best" is true to the word. And just how precious each drop is to baby's development. And just how it helps and supports baby's immune system.

It is also now that I too understand the priceless benefit of my first naive decision to breast feed.
The research being done has already stated that breast milk has stem cells. Here is the news feed that explains all the research being done and what has so far been discovered about the hidden benefits of breast milk.

"More you, less Moo" the benefits are priceless and life long

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