Sunday, November 1, 2009

First days home

The hospital birth has become the norm of modern marvels. Just decades ago this was not the case. Home births were attended to by midwives. Due to the fact that obstetrics has improved so greatly over the years mothers now find themselves willing to forgo midwives and let themselves be attended to by an ob/gyn.

Just in recent years there is a change that is growing. More and more women are making the choice to be attended to by a midwife at their birth. They also now are more educated on home births. But still some women find themselves unable to make the choice whether to birth at home or in hospital.

The women that find themselves birthing in hospital can sometimes fall into a "trust" feeling. They are more at ease knowing that if anything arises that they feel they can't handle they just need to press the buzzer and a nurse will be along to help. This act thou can sometimes inhibit the empowerment a new mom can feel, especially with young moms.

When you finally can take baby home you feel at a lost. There is no buzzer to press now and no one will come running to help. Only if you have a family member that will be there 24/7 would you feel assured.
Thou it is not every young mom or mom in general that could experience this feeling.

The first days after your babies birth are precious. And the calmer you are and stay the calmer and easier your baby will be. You shouldn't be afraid to hold your baby, you can not spoil your baby by showing him/her that you love him/her. The first days are very important because the bonding takes place, not only for mommy but also for daddy. This could inevitably set the tone on how your baby learns to respond to the world around him/her.

To help your baby bonding go smoothly you can cuddle with baby bare to your skin, take a relaxing shower together, co-sleep or share a family bed and wear your baby. All of these things will help with the bonding process and more. You will be so in-tuned to your baby that you would be able to tell what s/he needs even before a sound is made. You would evidently have a very quite and secure baby.

written by: Angie Angela-Geerman