Sunday, April 4, 2010

Breast or udder? Which is your pick?

Okay, just a thought. Let's see if your able to catch up.

A calf drinks "cows" milk. A kitten drinks "cats" milk. A puppy drinks "dogs" milk. A lamb drinks "goats" milk.
Seeing a pattern here??

We would never say that the calf drinks udder milk, right? It would make no sense. Try and say it aloud: a calf drinks udder milk. Sounds "udderly" silly, right?

Well why then do we say that a baby drinks "breast" milk?? Yes it is produced by the breast but remember that udders also produce milk, yet it's not called utter milk (as we found out above).

Could this be the connection that makes so much people squirm around "breast" feeding moms and babies? I now believe this is the link.

We associate the breast as a sexual organ (it is not, but society believes it is). We think that it is improper to expose fully or even partially a breast to feed our baby. Because it's a sexual thing, right? RIGHT?!

Well if we substitute that specific word that makes it seem sexual to you dirty and single minded people, we are left with something else (and if this offends you then I strongly advice you to see a psychiatrist and work out your issues). We then can say that a baby drinks *human* milk. Yes, yes human.

Humans produce milk just like cows, cats, dogs and goats. Each produce their own milk for their own young. Each young having different "needs" from their milk. This is why you would never see a goat "buying" a milk substitute made from cats milk. The thought is absurd, right? Made you feel silly? Good, now you start to see where I'm going with this.

Each mammal on this earth was blessed to be able feed their young from their breast. Yet we "choose" not to.
We choose to give our babies human milk substitutes made from cow's milk. Milk that was produced for a calf that needs to grow rapidly and gain lots of weight fast. If you want for your baby to drink cows milk, I would advice to buy a cow and strap that baby fast to a teat on that udder! (imagine a cow "baby wearing", lol)

Cows milk is for calves, breast or better human milk is for human babies. More you, less Moo!


  1. My child doesn't have 4 stomachs and horns!


  2. Good point, but cows have udders, not 'utters'.

    Otherwise, love it. :)

  3. the spelling was an oversight, I fixed it. Thanks for the input

  4. hmmm nice post interesting, funny and also informational keep it up.