Monday, April 12, 2010

Beat your kid; seriously!?

How awful!

I was searching for funny pictures of kids crying for an article I was planning to write. But when I put the search words "kid crying" into the Google search engine the first title that came up caught my attention. And I immediately felt sick to my stomach! The title said: Love your kids? Prove it by beating them. Under the title is written: First smack your kid (the 5 across the eyes technique works). Wait a few seconds for your kid to start crying, then smack your kid again to let him know ...... I assume that "5 across the eyes" means that with my palm I hit him across his face, how demeaning! Now I honestly didn't want to find out what it is I must let my kid know by doing such a thing to him but I could not stop myself. I clicked on the website link.

This is the most horrific thing I have ever encountered! Upon opening the website on the top is a picture of a man with a kid raised over his head with the words: Stop being a pussy, beat your kid! I wanted to scream back: Stop being a bully and hug your kid! But then I realized the website can't hear me.

The article starts about how it is "good" to beat your kid. That kids today need a good smack once in awhile. And also that we should send our kids to a psychiatrist for them to pull some bulls*** disorder out of their a** to cover up what bad parents we are ..... Seriously? SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY!?!?!?

I could barely read any more, but don't worry their is a lot of crap in this article.

Here is the link to the article. I really could not take anymore. I kind of scanned through the lines and decided I am not going to read crap like this. If you would like to explore the narrow mindedness of the lesser brain of our species, please by all means click on the link I have provided and read with caution.

Not beating my kids is not making them into criminals. It is you who beat that encourages them to feel abused and neglected. I was beaten, whipped, slapped, smacked and abused. I know how belittling and enraging it makes you feel. As a kid you don't "gain" respect for your parents. You learn to secretly despise them. And that kind of rage stays with a child into adulthood. It damages the parent/child relationship. A child learns nothing from this type of treatment only not to trust his parents.