Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby wearings bad rep

Recently baby wearing has been exploited in the news. 
They were focusing on the Infantino sling rider (seen above with a newborn in it, notice how the chin is pushed froward onto the chest and baby's head is turned slightly to the side, if the flap was left go the child will have it's face in the side fabric and breathing will be compromised, notice how deep baby is inside the carrier, and notice the c-curve baby's back is forced into; all are deadly for an infant), but failed to mention that fact. They only focused and used reference to "baby wearing", afraid I guess with confrontation. So it seems to everyone (all except those who babywear daily using pouches, wraps, ring slings and mei tai's) that babywearing in general is unsafe.

How many baby's die because of cribs, swings, car seats and bouncers? How much product recalls are their on these items each year? And yet we still choose to use them. But we know that we would have to pay attention and follow instructions and use with caution.

Baby wearing has been around for centuries. It is an art that has been learned in different cultures throughout the world. And in these cultures the infant mortality is next to nothing (considering that mom is breastfeeding).

Baby wearing is safe and beneficial to baby's development. As with everything in life you do have to use some level of caution and common sense.

Baby wearing is an art form that has to be learned properly.

I send kudos to all of you who has reacted to save and protect baby wearings' good name.
Baby wearing is safe and beneficial, bag baby sling are not.

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