Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I wish upon a star (poem)

I wish upon a star
Wondering where you've gone
You brought joy and light into my life
Now it is dark and without life
I had a moment before you left
With tears I knew you I could not have kept
We shared a love so deep
In just a moment of breath with me
You were gone and I was left to be
The ache in my breast is deep and strong
I wish upon a star because you are gone
Once again we will meet
And together we will be 
But for now I drown in my tears
Wondering why you were meant to leave me here
Alone I sit remembering my fears
When the moment came and you were no longer there

I am not very good at writing. Let alone poems. But for some reason in a moment of despair I was inspired. This poem is a result of that inspiration. Now after writing it I can see it could be used as a loss of a baby or pregnancy. But also as a lost relationship, family member or friend. Just a moment of inspiration from a moment of despair. Hope you enjoyed it and saw it in it's depths.