Monday, February 15, 2010

My Mei Tai project

Hubby had his Asian inspired pouch sling. He loved the fabric and style but didn't like how it fit. He wanted something different.

So I researched and planned to make him his own Mei Tai. He was excited about an Asian baby carrier being designed just for him with Asian pattern fabric. I also wanted to sew a Mei Tai for myself but decided it was not necessary for me to make two. I am much shorter than him so it was very important for it to fit him first then I would tie the straps to fit me.

I have years that I haven't sewn anything. But I knew I would be able to make him his Mei Tai. Between taking care of the kids, measuring fabric, cutting and sewing it took me 2 days to complete. But I must add I did take my time with it. I am really amazed at what I can do with sewing machine. The end product is really a work of art. A complete Asian inspired home made Mei Tai.

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