Friday, October 30, 2009

First beginning

As a mother of now three wonderful kids I have had my share of downfalls and excitement.
My daughter is now 6 years, my son 4 years and my baby boy 2 months. As parents we find sometimes that we don't make the right decisions or choose the right guidelines. But just as our babies are learning about their world, we too learn how to be parents.

In this day and age it is hard to learn from seeing your mother or aunts "mother" unless you come from a large family and had little siblings or cousins to guide you into knowledge. We are of an age when couples decide to invest into their careers first and family second. Many women and men have never held a newborn before their own, so we all have little experience when it comes to babies. Moms are now giving birth at more advanced ages compared to say just decades ago. Next to this we also have more teens or young women becoming moms them selves. World wide these are factors for all sorts of complications. This does not entail that you would develop complications or does it mean that your baby would be unhealthy. Nowadays the prenatal care is soo wonderfully advanced that these mommies experience a wonderfully uneventful pregnancy.

Also the choices of where, when and how you would want to give birth is most likely always available. As also if you would see an ob/gyn or use a midwife and/or doula. Just as c-sections have become "fashion" so has hiring a woman to support your every need during labor. This is how far along we "feel" we have come. But just centuries ago babies were delivered solely by midwives and they were supported during labor by the women in the family or in the town.

All of these are the choices and challenges we face even before we meet that little bundle of joy. So you see you are taking part in "parenting" even before your baby is born. What ever each mother decides she would like to do is her choice and of course there is never a wrong choice when it comes to your baby. You already have an instinct of what is right for you and your baby.